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Victor Martin
Victor Martin

Waiting For Bojangles (2022)

Waiting for Bojangles (2022) is a frank depiction of the slow descent into bipolar and the lack of medication and proper facilities. Virginie Efira (Elle, Victoria, Benedetta, and Sibyl) is a force of acting to be reckoned with in every role she tackles. She was born to dispel our deepest disbeliefs in an actor. Waiting for Bojangles is a tragic story especially for the family. From the start we think we know where this film is going but the ending may be a surprise. Efira is fearless and knows exactly how to portray the most awkward scenes that would most actors shy away from the script.

Waiting for Bojangles (2022)

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack from the StudioCanal comedy-drama film Waiting for Bojangles (2022). The original score music is composed by Clare Manchon and Olivier Manchon. 041b061a72


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